Code of conduct


We are a software developer / UX designer duo based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have a track record of delivering end to end software solutions to the financial services sector, most notably working alongside Mark Hoogenboom to deliver the first iteration of the new Santander Android app. We strive to develop simple solutions, with meaningful test coverage and responsive user interfaces.


EOS deliverables

During August and September 2018 we developed eos-jvm, an SDK for interacting with the EOS network on Android. These libraries were used to rapidly develop EOS REACH, an open source EOS wallet app for Android.

We also put together a team with Oisin O'Neill and Patrick McClurg for the EOS Global hackathon in London, where we came in third place as On The Block. We implemented a mobile first solution that has the potential to allow external parties to instantly verify what is effectively a user's credit rating, while keeping the data the user exposes to a minimum.

The future of EOS is on mobile

The current generation of browser plugin dependant DApps are not fit for mass market consumption, the average consumer has little interest in the fact that the products they use are running on top of a blockchain technology. We do not see a future for generic wallet apps as a gateway to Dapps running in web views, in comparison to native mobile experiences, the UX is slow and cumbersome.

We envisage a second generation of Dapp developed natively for Android and iOS, slick mobile experiences that attempt to hide all knowledge of the underlying blockchain technology. This new generation of Dapps will utilise multisig, inter-blockchain communication, smart contracts and the decentralised nature of EOS to empower existing business processes.

The possibilities are plentiful, and it all begins with a stable, consistent set of de facto libraries that streamline the error prone and labour intensive functions of interacting with a decentralised network.


We have been employed by, and have references from some of the leading financial services organisations in the United Kingdom, including; KPMG, Deloitte, RBS Group, Lloyds Banking Group and Clydesdale Bank.


We do not recognise ECAF as the arbitration authority of the EOS blockchain. With this being said, we will follow ECAF arbitration orders related to; configuration management, software syncronisation and key recovery. The only authority we answer to is executable code and the EOS constitution. We are concerned that arbitration authorities have the potential to morph into centralsied institions, that have undue influence over the future direction of the EOS mainnet.

Block rewards

All block rewards will be reinvested in maintaining eos-jvm, expanding the functionality of EOS Reach on Android and used to kickstart EOS Reach for iOS. We are committed to open sourcing all the software we develop, let’s build the future of EOS on mobile together!



我们是一对软件开发商/UX设计师,总部在苏格兰的爱丁堡。 我们有向金融服务业交付完整软件解决方案的丰富经验,最显着的是与Mark Hookenboom合作,向桑坦德 银行交付新的第一代安卓应用程序。我们致力于开发有意义的测试覆盖和响应灵敏的用户界面简单解决方案。


EOS 交付成果

在2018年8月和9月 期间,我们开发了eos-jvm,这是一个SDK,用于与安卓上的EOS网络进行交互。 这些文件库被用来快速开发EOS REACH,一个服务安卓系统的EOS开源钱包。 我们还曾与Oisin O'NeillPatrick McClurg一道组建过一个团队参与伦敦的EOS全球黑客马拉松,并取得第三名的成绩,由On The Block报道过。 我们首次实施了一个手机解决方案,有潜力在将用户敏感信息曝漏保持在最低的同时, 允许外部各方立即验证相当于用户的信用评级 。


当前一代依赖Dapp的浏览器插件不适合大众市场消费,而普通消费者对他们的产品是在区块链技术上运行这一事实却不太关心。 我们看不到普通钱包应用程序会有希望导致Dapps未来在web视图中运行;与原始移动体验相比,UX即缓慢又繁琐。






我们不承认ECAF是EOS区块链的仲裁机构。尽管这么说,我们还是会遵循ECAF有关配置管理,软件同步和密钥恢复的仲裁命令。 我们服从的唯一权威是可执行代码和EOS宪章。 我们担心任何仲裁机构都有可能转变为集中组织,对EOS主网的未来方向产生不合适的影响。


所有区块奖励都将被重新投资于维护eos-jvm,扩展Eos Reach在安卓上的功能,和用于快速启动适用于iOS系统的 EOS Reach。 我们致力于开源所有我们开发的软件,让我们一起打造EOS在手机的未来!